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Protesters January 30, 2010

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

On a big intersection in town, two seperate groups of proteters gather every Saturday. One group holds anti-war signs that say “peace”, “war is not the answer” and “bring out soldiers home safe”.

The other group hold signs that say “the traitors are across the street” and “they can protest because of our soldiers” and other such negative messages.

I personally think they’re missing the point.



1. Allie - February 4, 2010

Wow. That’s amazing. And you’re exactly right. I do think they are missing the point.

2. E.P. - February 7, 2010

Gah. They really are missing the point. And I would totally be inclined to say something to those people because of that.

It’s a shame that most times when I encounter people like this (and there were A LOT in my old town) that I’m covering the event and cannot say a damn thing. And that I’ve been told I should be nodding my head like a good little reporter when they’re telling me why they are doing whatever because I should agree with them. Sigh.

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