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October 20, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

Y’all, my weekly Kitchen Cure assignment is almost finished.  All that’s left is going through the tea that I have and deciding what I need to do with the stuff I don’t like, or won’t drink.

It’s an accomplishment, if a small one.

The weather today is freaking amazing.  I feel so much better about myself, life, and my moods are always elevated when there’s blue sky and sunshine.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional overcast day, but the sunshine, and the perfect temperature, it all just makes me happier.

But since the warmth has broken here, the crazies keep coming out of the woodwork and into my SBUX.  I’m happy my store is doing well, making a profit, despite recent economic hardships, but crazy effing busy when we’re just not prepared is a bit much.  I mean, really, you people didn’t want a freaking coffee or latte last week, and now you’re all about it?

It makes a barista feel used.



1. Denise - October 20, 2009

Good weather makes us all crazy! That’s just a part of being human…..we react to all kinds of weather……………!

2. Bluebelle - October 21, 2009

Well done for sorting your kitchen! If you end up with unopened food you won’t use or don’t like you could pass it onto a homeless project or charity? The place I work at is inundated with requests for food parcels at the moment!

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