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Being sad sucks. September 7, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

It’s been three weeks now, since my trip to the hospital and the (untimely) end  of my first pregnancy.  

And while some days are easier than others, it’s been rough thinking about babies.  And babies are on the brain, because my sister-in-law had her baby boy on Friday, and everyone’s healthy and home.  And I’m so thankful that he’s here safe and healthy, and her c-section went well, and there were no scares.  

But I cannot stop feeling sorry for myself, and I cannot stop being sad.  I just want to be ‘normal’ again.  I want to go through my day without stupid reminders of losing my baby.  

But it hasn’t happened yet.



1. Doniree - September 11, 2009

I love you honey, and I’m so sorry you’re still feeling sad. Can I do anything?

2. E.P. - September 13, 2009

Major hugs, lady. I’m so sorry that you are feeling so sad still, but I think it is a process of the grieving process. While I’ve never experienced what you are going through, you are in my thoughts. Let me know if I can do anything.

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