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Question from Lily! July 6, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

Quicker than I ever could have thought possible!

What are you most hoping to do/see while you’re here in Minne NEXT WEEK?!

I’m most hoping to see a little of Minne/St.Paul – interesting hip neighborhoods?  Perhaps a trendy local restaurant?  I would LOVE to see the campus of your alma mater!  I think I can go on and on.  I’d also really love to see the Mary Tyler Moore statue by Macy’s downtown….

I honestly don’t care.  I’m your bitch while we’re there!  Show me the places you love and that are important to your life.  



1. Lily - July 7, 2009

Easy! My neighborhood is cool and it backs up to a couple of nifty other ones as well – as for seeing the UMN campus, that’s easy too! And hip local restaurants, you know I can’t NOT show you that 🙂

And REMIND ME ON SATURDAY to show you that statue. We’ll be downtown on Nicollet Mall so we’ll be right by it.


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