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Everything I needed to learn about life I learned from working at Starbucks June 28, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

Today, in the great tradition of classical learning and thinking that I like to think that I’m a part of, I was taught by a silly little SBUX customer the meaning of the word “medium”.  

Before today I believe that I was unaware of the true meaning of the word “medium”.  I suppose I was just kidding myself, believing that it was just a meaningless word that meant nothing – a miniscule moniker arbitrarily chosen by suits in a boardroom deciding which words customers might associate with high-fallootin’ and special…

But, I was horribly wrong.  

While making drinks today, and listening to the next drink being ordered so I’d have a good handle on what I needed next, I listened to a girl order a drink from my fellow barista, L.  

L asks, “What size did you want your mocha crappucino?”  

Ditzy blond girl says assertively, “I guess the medium one.  Yeah.  Not the big, and not the little, but the medium one.”

Oh!  Lightbulbs go off in my brain!  For the first time it’s been made clear to me that the medium isn’t small, and isn’t big either.  It’s in “the middle”!  In between the big and the small!  Oh my god.  This ditzy blonde girl has made me a better barista, and  a better person, for taking the time out of her day, and mine, to explain to me the meaning of the word “medium” in regards to size.  

Bless her little heart



1. Doniree - June 29, 2009

Everything’s relative.

Pun intended, CUZ.

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