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Tassels, but not that kind, you perv. May 25, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in family.


My baby sister graduated from high school Friday night.  As I sat in the arena, I thought a tiny bit about my own graduation from that same high school 8 years prior.  I had never been happier.  HIgh school was over.  Finally.  

And as the ceremony went on, I remembered exactly why I had such a feeling of relief at the end of my graduation ceremony – the horrid speeches were over, the principal (who slurs his words like he’s drunk and thinks that football is the only.freaking.thing.that.matters in high school) had finished his talk about god knows what, and I had listened to the absolutely pointless speeches by the SGA president and some other person.  I tried to have a little understanding for the high schoolers making speeches in front of their whole class of peers, but man.  Did they not even practice?  

Anyway, it was pretty torturous.  

Then, the names were finally being called, and I recognized more names than I thought I would  – the baby sisters friends and acquaintances that she’s had over the last 17 years all old enough now to be considered young adults and probably all starting college in the fall.  

When all the kids had walked across that stage, and they were all back at their seats, the principal proclaimed them all graduates, told them to switch their tassels, and they hollered and threw their mortar boards in the air.  Exuberance from all of them.  

It was a little sobering, to be frank.  Slightly emotional.  And I’m so proud of them all.



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