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Internet anonymity May 25, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

So, someone pointed out to me this week that the internet is not anonymous.  Well, I knew that of course, but what is so shocking to me is the manner in which this person presented this information to the world (the blog), and it seems to me that this person thinks that others may not read said blog.  That’s ok.  It’s true.  

There is no such thing as anonymous on the internet.  And sometimes that makes me bite my tongue on certain subjects.  What subjects, you may wonder?  Well, the biggest one is probably sex.  I wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable by a discussion on how really really really great sex can be…  Sometimes I want to shout about it, but I hold back because I people who may not need to know that read my blog.  But there it is, just incase anyone was wondering.  

Sometimes I wouldn’t mind venting about specifics about my work place, but I would never want to air my (or others) dirty laundry on the internet.  That’s not fair to all involved.  And I know I would never say anything here that I wouldn’t say to their faces, it’s still not ok.  

And then there’s family – dear lord, the drama that comes with my family (and Chris’) can get enormously crazy.  But, putting all of that out on the internet for everyone that knows us to find isn’t exactly what a nice person would do.  And I try to be a nice person.  So I don’t talk about it.  

Since I know how easy it is for anyone to find my blog (first hand experience even!  So much fun!), I’m apprehensive to put everything out there on the table for all the passers by to see.  Sometimes that blows.



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