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A rock to stand on April 19, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

The weekends that Chris is away with Boy Scouts get harder and harder each time.  

The first 24 – 36 hours are usually fine, but after that I start feeling withdrawl from him.  It sounds super cheesy, but I’m so used to him being there for me whenever I need him, and when he’s not there, it’s sad.  

I don’t want to take for granted that he’s around by any means, but sometimes I become to comfortable knowing he’s right there.  

So last night when I was stricken with a nasty nasty migraine, so nasty that it resulted in some violent revisitation of my dinner, and there was no one there to come kiss my forehead or bring me something to sip on afterwards, I was extremely depressed.  

It was hard to recover from something so harsh by myself, after always having him there to help me for the last 3 years.



1. brianarmh - April 19, 2009

aw, being alone when your sick totally sucks!
Joel is gone for work lots in the winter and I find the first 24 hours are usually the worst for me. After that I get back into my routine and am used to him being gone, it still sucks though.

2. Alex - April 19, 2009

it is good you are so close to one another because it means you are really committed. i definitely hope to find that one day. it is good to miss one another sometimes and be alone because even though it is painful, it makes those moments together even more amazing. that is my attempt at being optimistic about missing someone. 🙂 those first months when i moved were probably the most difficult in my entire life. i definitely was stricken with deep grief, almost like my family and friends had died. i knew i would not see them as often ever again. i miss my family a looooot and when i went home to see them this past time i realized with full intensity how much i missed them. i know it will be the same again this time. but it means we have a deep, loving relationship and i cherish it a great deal. 🙂 you and chris rock my socks.

3. E.P. - April 20, 2009

I look forward to the days when my boy and I are in the same place like y’all are. Like you, I get horrible migraines, and it’s nice to have someone to dote on you every once in a while.

I hope that you’re feeling better and cherishing every moment with Chris since he’s home now. (:

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