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Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from working at Starbucks March 31, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks.

Within the first two hours of work this morning,  I managed to seriously injure myself.  

I was trying to rebrew the coffee, just like a good little coffee monkey would, and I pulled the basket out of the brewer to dump the used grinds into the basket.  Somehow, between turning around from the brewer and toward the basket, lumps of steaming hot grounds jumped out of the brew basket and onto my poor unsuspecting fingers.  I have a nice big burn (complete with blister) across the knuckles of my fore, middle, and ring fingers.  It hurt to move it all day.  It feels better now, thanks to some Calendula Ointment.  We have some burn gel at work, called “Burn Free” and every time I see the label I start singing “Burn Free” to the tune of “Born Free”.  Of course, that means that song is stuck in my head now.  

Less than an hour before the end of my shift today, I was happily helping some people get some warmed apple fritters (yum! Like crack, only legal), and accidentally dropped a piece of molten sugarey appley goodness onto my middle finger on the same hand as the other burn.  The molten sugar burned into my skin and instantly produced a blister.  It’s about the size of the tip of my little pinky finger, and raised pretty far up, too.  

It throbs.  The burn on my knuckle throbs.  My hand hurts, but you see this dedication!  I’m still blogging away. 

Anyway, I learned that hot shit hurts, yo.



1. Kait - March 31, 2009

Life stories…

2. Lily - March 31, 2009

You are SO dedicated! And you knew my first word was “hot” right? Because I kept reaching for the stove, and Mom kept telling me not to, warning me that it was “hot”? Well, one day I reached up and touched it and guess what? I got burned. And I said, almost kind of proudly, “hot!” Mom was SO proud.

3. Alex - April 3, 2009

AW, i am sorry. burns are awful. no matter what you do, they hurt for a couple days. 😦

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