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Housing it up. March 28, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in The Dwelling.

The definition of homeownership in the dictionary is finding random horrible things which much be fixed, lots of exhaustive work and many many (expensive) trips to Lowe’s.  

Ok, it really isn’t, but it should be.  I’ve seen the inside of Lowe’s so many times in 2 days, I think I could go awhile without going back, but I know that won’t happen.  I know that we’ll be back there tomorrow.  

We found lots of fun little annoying things about our house, though.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with it.  It’s amazing.  It’s even more amazing now that it has gorgeous shades of blue instead of burnt orange and spinachey green… heh.  

The previous owners weren’t really into the details, and weren’t very good with the spackle, and were even worse when it came to painting the trim around the rooms.  These little spots are going to annoy me immensely until I fix them.  

We also decided to take down these cheap little metal “tiles” they had put up at back splash behind the stove.  We discovered 30 year old wallpaper and a hole in the wall underneath these little metal tiles.  The tiles were also held up by those little foam stickies that you get with small bulletin boards.  Ugh!  The wallpaper is pretty cool, though.  

We also found a gumby doll underneath the stove when we pulled the stove out (amidst who knows how many years of crayons, cheerios and god knows what else).  So, we have a mascot!  

I’m sure I’ll be spending most of my money on things at Lowe’s and at the nurseries.  I already had a moment wondering if I should cover the tiger lilies in the back yard so they don’t get too cold tonight or tomorrow night.  Funny how one day you’re renting and just don’t care, and the next day it’s a beautiful day outside and you think to yourself “I wish I could be working in my garden right now.”  How does that happen?  Yikes.



1. Kait - March 29, 2009

So grown up now! n_n
I’d love to help out….I’m off Thursday, want me to come by?

2. Alex - March 29, 2009

yeay! the gumby doll is just hilarious, btw. and my mom can definitely attest to the bullcrap people do to their houses to keep them together. good times. but now you can fix up the weird stuff and move in. and the best part is, you can keep changing it however much and however often you want because it is YOURS. w00t!

3. brianarmh - March 31, 2009

The crazy things people do in their houses! I’m seeing things just in our rental that make me go “What the heck were they thinking?”
That might be just because I was raised in a construction family so I notice little things a lot more. It still blows my mind, the worst thing about my house is the terrible painting job in every room. Yay for new painting in your house! 🙂

dreamstela - March 31, 2009

I simply do not understand why anyone would do improvements of any kind of they were going to only do them half-assedly! It just makes things look junky, no matter how clean it actually is.

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