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Truvia? March 24, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

Years ago, while working in a Vitamin World, I was introduced to an all nature, no calorie sweetener derived from a plant native to South America.  Stevia had one crazy aftertaste, and was usually sold in aqueous forms you could drop into your drinks.  It was definitely sweet, but it had a horrid aftertaste, just like all the other zer0-calorie sweetners.  So I never could like it.  

I’ve tried to cut excess sugar out of my life several times, and each time I discovered that my headaches and migraines worsen as consumption of sugar substitutes is upped.  So I quit with the artificial sweeteners for awhile.  But, I know that lots of sugar is bad.  I may not eat lots of sugary foods, but I like lots of carbs, so therefore I eat lots of sugar.  Anyway to cut this down would be good.  

So, I saw a commercial for Truvia, a new zer0-calorie sweetener derived from the Stevia plant that has been refined in a way that cuts down on the after taste, and in some double blind trials has not affected blood glucose levels and the FDA is finally approving it as a sweetener after years of claiming “There is no proof that it’s not safe”.  

The fact that a plant that people eat in south america all the time is deemed unsafe by our government, but a molecule that is basically undigestable chlorine but tastes sweet (cough splenda cough) is safe….oh, FDA, how you puzzle me.  

Anyway, so I have high hopes for Truvia.  



1. Holly - March 24, 2009

let me know if you can like it 🙂

i’ll try it in my iced coffee, but i’m not giving up the breve.

2. brianarmh - March 24, 2009

Hey, I saw your comment on Karen’s blog and thought I’d stop by and have a look! Yay for starbucks employees! I want to go back to working there, but supposedly there is a hiring freeze on right now.
I remember my parents trying stevia when I was in junior high. I liked it, but i could never seem to get the right amount, either too much or too little. Also the aftertaste is pretty nasty. I’ll be interested to see how this stuff goes since I’m totally against all the bleachy splenda artificial junk!
Mind if I add you to my blogroll?

3. Kait - March 24, 2009

oooh good news! I can’t wait to try

4. Alex - March 24, 2009

my mom got some, too, and likes it. it’s expensive, but probably worth it! let me know what you think. the whole thing with the fda not approving stevia as a sugar substitute is just based on the sugar and corn syrup industries… it’s really awful.

5. E.P. - March 24, 2009

I haven’t heard about that yet. I’m interested to know what you think of it — I might have to give it a try.

6. brianarmh - March 25, 2009

Hey! my blog is at http://www.brianahuether.wordpress.com
Have a good day! 🙂

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