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Random? March 20, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I decided to finally update.  I have a TON going through my head right now.  TON.  Some good, some bad, some spiritual, some worldly, some serious, some frivolous.  I’ll talk about some of them I suppose.  There is just so much, though.  And since Chris is out of town, I suppose, why not spend some quality time with the blog?  

So, first thing, a few weeks ago I saw Bloodline, a documentary about some of the conspiracies and questions raised by Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code.  I enjoyed DaVinci Code immensely.  I enjoyed Angels and Demons much more.  I digress.  I have been fascinated by the conspiracy since I read the book, and find this version of history much more believable than the traditional version.  Call me cynical.  So I picked up a copy of Holy Blood Holy Grail and have been reading through that.  It’s really interesting, and has a pretty decent list of sources, so I’m hoping one day to work through some of these research documents and judge for myself.  Research.  I miss scholarly research.  I’m going to read more on Gnosticism, too, in the name of research.  The concept of gnossis is intriguing.  

Twilight, the movie, comes out tonight at midnight!  I hope that my free amazon download for preordering comes through in a decent amount of time.  I feel a bit ridiculous, but I really love the story.  Call me silly, or whatever you want.  It makes me happy.  

I am finding myself back into the “I love makeup way too much” habits.  I love some eye makeup.  I’m not necessarily interested in the fads – but pretty eyemakeup makes me really happy.  Blushes recently have been making me happy, too.  I want to have lots of extra money to overhaul my stash and replace some cheap things with some nicer products.  And expanding my color choices.  I’m a cosmetics whore.  What can I do?  

I feel an unmistakable calling to be a mother.  So I think about kids far too often than I should.  

We’re closing on our house in a week.  Dear lord.  What a stressor!

Choosing paint colors is going to be more difficult than I ever would have thought.



1. Kait - March 20, 2009

So much thoughts, yes. 🙂 Do you have an awesome exhaustive paint color wheel? If not, I can loan you one!

2. Alex - March 21, 2009

oooooh paint! hehe. my mom had a love hate relationship with paint colors when she was redoing all the rooms in teh house. 🙂 makeup is da bomb. and twlight is next on my list! woohoo! I can make some Gnostic recommendations thanks to all I have learned from Amanda and Jim, but other than the main Gnostic Gospels, Samuel aun Weor’s stuff, this is the best website out there: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/nhlintro.html

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