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Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from working at Starbucks March 6, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks.

I had problems letting harsh comments form customers roll off my back today, and there was one comment in particular that I just couldn’t shake off.  

Three ladies come in for some lattes and to hang out about 10 or so this morning.  One was British, and had a beautiful accent, and the other two were just regular old american joes.  Anyway, behind their cute facade was dwelling the evil snob monster waiting to attack.  

While my girl J. was taking their order, one of the snots (as my girl A. called them) started complaining about Starbucks right there in the Starbucks line!  What?  She was complaining that she hates using paper cups if she’s going to be sitting in the cafe and she never goes to Starbucks, she will go anywhere else if she can help it besides Starbucks… on and on. 

Then J, bless her heart, said “We have ceramic cups, they’re right here by the coffee brewer.”  The snot looks up at her and says “Well, other Starbucks don’t have them.” J politely says that as far as she knows, all the Starbucks in the area offer ceramic cups and plates.  The snot was shocked and obviously didn’t like being told she was wrong.  So she sort of sniffs and huffs and says “This must be a new thing”.  

J. says “As long as I’ve worked here, as long as this store’s been open, we’ve had ceramic cups.”  

The snot looks taken aback and says “Well, I guess I should stop bashing Starbucks so much then.  I’ll be coming to Starbucks more often now.” 

What the heck?  

So, what did we learn here?  

Don’t judge, y’all.



1. Kait - March 6, 2009

Don’t be a judger!

2. dreamstela - March 7, 2009

I aint judgin’!

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