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Purpose else…. February 24, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in crafting, life, relationships.

For quite awhile, I’ve casually read ZenHabits

Then, today, Chris sent me a link to a recent Zen blog, “I can’t get no satisfaction syndrome”, and how to beat it.

While I was reading, I realized that I’d heard these things several times and in several places, and I think that without actually knowing it, I was implementing these things in my life.  

I’ve started looking at all the wonderful things that I have in my life, and relationships and everything else, and joined the Grace in Small Things movement as an eventual consequence of that.  I think my newfound love of crafting (lord, am I addicted now!) has remedied my “idle” feelings, or feeling as if there was something missing.  It’s like, even when sitting and doing something as pointless as watching TV, I’m working with my hands and feeling like I’m accomplishing something.  

So, perhaps it has been what I’ve been looking for all along, to feel like I’m accomplishing something ,creating something worthwhile.  And now I’ve found it.  And I feel so “well adjusted” lately.  So content and happy in the way things are and the life that I have and the friends, family, relationships that I’ve cultivated.  At the beginning of the year last year I wrote about founding my purpose….my something else in life.  I wrote about finding that thing that I felt was calling to me the whole time, and it was being able to find something that I enjoyed.  It wasn’t a label.  It wasn’t (necessarily) a job.  But something in the last year has changed within me, and I no longer feel like something is missing.  

I think that relief has come with making things with my hands, because I can’t think of any other reason.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve learned to stop comparing myself with others.  

But I no longer feel as if I have no direction or purpose.



1. lily - February 24, 2009

i love you 🙂 and i love the changes to the design. and i love what you’re crafting and i’m excited that i have crafty things to share too 🙂

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