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Grace 1/365 February 12, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Grace in Small Things.

I found Grace in Small Things through Stylish Handwriting, and I was immediately drawn to the concept of focusing on at least 5 positive things every day.  In the midst of a shit-tastic economy, layoffs quite close to home at the ‘bux, and some other people close in my life being completely downers all.the.time, this is something I think will be beneficial to me.  I try to focus on good things, and while, for some reason, it is in my nature to complain rather than talk about the good stuff (I think it’s because I feel talking about the good stuff sounds like bragging, and I’m not a braggart), I need to change that behavior.  So, here’s a start.  My first 5!

  1. Nettles, my kitty, loves me.
  2. Chris, the hubby, loves me.
  3. We recently signed a contract to buy a house, and we close on March 27th! 
  4. I have a job.
  5. The weather today is quite beautiful.


1. Lily - February 12, 2009

These are all very good things to be grateful for, and I’m so excited to hear more about the house as you close and move in!

2. Kait - February 12, 2009

It takes 27 positive comments to overcome a negative comment in a relationship. That’s a semi-scientific factoid I’ve taken to heart…. :]

3. E.P. - February 13, 2009

I’m so happy you’re doing this, too. I know so many people who are, and it encourages me every day to look on the bright side.

Hooray for all of these!

4. Alex - February 14, 2009

At Kait… you are very right! It is cognitive psychological theory, not semi-scientific. that fact is why it take 30 instances to balance out one single instance of prejudice for example. People can easily find something that confirms a bias, but it takes at least 3o times for our brains to start making the oppposite connections. Or why we date teh same guy a million times, lol. Caaaarazy!

And yes, this is a greta idea. I am such a pessimist, so I need to do this every morning when I wake up and write it i na notebook. 🙂

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