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Q3: To be or not to be (dolt) January 29, 2009

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Here’s another questions from my dearest cuz and blogger bud, Lily!

3.  Last week, you posted about my rush to grow up and your determination not to.  Now that you’re in your mid-twenties, happily married, and about to buy a house – what’s the best and worst thing so far about being a “dolt”?

The best thing about being a “dolt”?  I think that there are a few things that are really nice about being an adult.  I really like that I make my own decisions and now that I’m not under the ‘rents wing (monetarily or otherwise) I don’t have to answer to them about my decisions.  They’re not up for scrutiny anymore.  I like that a lot.  I also like that somehow I’ve earned their respect as a fellow dolt.  That’s nice.  I guess, strangely, the best thing about being all grown up is being independent and the feeling that gives…not just an “independent thinker” but an actual independent person (or entity or family unit since it’s me and the hubby).  Achieving that, finally, is a really great perspective to have.  Oh, and sex.  For me that came as a “dolt” thing, and I realize it doesn’t for all, and I don’t judge.  But yeah.  

The worst thing about being a dolt so far is the responsibilities that come with being independent.  We have futures to plan for, money which must be saved (that’s no longer something that we’ll get to later…we’re at later now), and responsibilities at work and in our families that we probably never would have thought.  So, there’s a lot of weighty responsibilities that come with being a dolt.  Oh, and if you’re in our family, the drama that has come since we “grew up” is WAY more than the drama in high school exponentially.  Who knew?



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