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Everything I needed to know about Life, I learned from working at Starbucks, part XX-ish January 27, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks.

I’m not really sure, yet, what I learned from this today.  But, it’s worth sharing nonetheless! 


While J and I were makin’ coffee and lattes this morning, some jerk of a man came in and started complaining about our expensive coffee or whatever.  First of all, if you think it’s so expensive that you want to complain about it, don’t come in.  

J just laughed at him.

Then he continued to say something about how tough times are with our economy in the hole.  And then he said “I bet you guys are in real danger of closing.”  J and I both actually laughed out loud.  Hah!  We’re as busy as we’ve ever been.  Then he says “Well, I bet Starbucks wouldn’t be going downhill if they would quit all their liberal activities and pursuits.”  He was one of those people who love to say the word “liberal” like it’s a disease.  

J and I both laughed out loud, again.  When did donating massive amounts of money to charities and respecting all people, regardless of race or sexual orientation, become “liberal” values.  I thought those were just good values. 

I said, “No, I don’t think that’s true.”  And he said “Oh, well, what do I know, I’m just a customer with a mouth!”  

I have no idea what he meant by that at all.  Weirdo.  

And, another story because this is just too funny.  

Saturday night, while working with H and L, this man came in.  I noticed that H recognized him, but didn’t really pay any attention to their conversation while I made some drinks and did some other stuff.  

A little while later, a woman calls and expects me to know who she is. I have NO CLUE who she is.  Then she asks if I know her son.  I didn’t recognize his name at all. She seemed highly irritated that I didn’t know who either of them were, but whatever.  I can’t know everyone!  But, I do know a lot! Anyway, she proceeds to tell me that her son had come in a little while ago and she felt that an employee had been rude to him.  I apologized and she started to tell me what happened.

Apparently, her son came in and purchased a drink on his dad’s credit card.  H, who knew the guy, out of habit, asked for ID, or noticed that the name on the card didn’t match his name.  He told her it was his Dad’s card, and she said something like “Oh, your Dad lets you use his card?”

So, guy was apparently offended because she called saying that this young lady was out of line by saying “Oh, your dad lets you use his card.”  She kept saying it was rude and out of line and then explained that they have a family business and that he was an authorized user on the card or whatever.  I told her I was sorry, and asked her what she wanted me to do.  She said that she wanted me to talk to whoever it was and tell them to mind their own business.  

She kept complaining while I was steaming milk and calling beverages.  She said “Well, my son is an authorized user on this card, and it was wrong of her to say “oh, your dad(dy) lets you use his card” like she did.  My son is 32 years old.”

:::::insert record-scratch noise here::::::

WHAT????!?!?!?!   Your son, who you’re claiming is an adult, shoudn’t be harrassed by my employees because he’s using his daddy’s card, but he has his mommy call to complain when someone is rude to him!  

Holy crap.

The funny part is, that H knew this guy because he had dated on of her friends.  Her friend broke up with him because she found out that he had put all of their expensive dates on his parents credit card, and that he lived in an apartment/house/whatever that his parents owned.



1. Lily - January 27, 2009

Oh my god!!!

2. Alex - January 28, 2009

Ok, the second story… best story… the insert record scratch was perfect, I could literally hear it in my head. LOOOOOOOOOL! 32 years old, whew. I swear, where are all the grown ass men?!

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