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More moral ambiguities January 26, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I have been confronted with several moral ambiguities, as I’ve said, some I’m willing to publicize, some I’m not. 

One of them is the issue of abortion.  (Hot button topic!  Yeesh)

So, for the last 10 years or so, I’ve basically followed some form of the Christian Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Or, “An’ it harm none, do what ye will”.  And “Perfect love and perfect trust”.  

So, a grey area for me is abortion.  Because I don’t necessarily believe that abortion is totally ok.  But neither do the people at planned parenthood, or other “pro-choice” people out there.  Of course they don’t.  But, in the era of modern surgery to make your face better, or your thighs better, why can’t a woman chose an elective surgery that will inevitably make her life better.  Better yet, why is it ok, in the name of religion, for our our government to take her choice away from her?  

I’m not saying “convince me” one way or another on this topic, because there will never be a day when I say “Ok, lets ban this elective procedure”.  Because it’s not our governments business to ban that.  It might be harmful psychologically, and yes, I’ve seen the studies that link breast cancer instances to women who have had abortions.  And that sucks.  But, you gotta ban everything that might be linked to cancer, like sugar, cigarrettes, gasoline, sweet and low, alcohol and caffeine as well.  But that doesn’t sound like our political values to start banning things willy-nilly…it sounds more like Russia or China.  Ok, perhaps the weight of sugar or caffeine isn’t the same as the process of preventing human life, but smoking and alcohol…

Oh, we’ve prevented alcohol before; Prohibition is one of the most failed attempts at legislating morality that has ever happened.  And you can argue that all legislation legislates morality… Prohibition caused more alcoholism, more violent deaths related to drunkenness, and more crimes related to alcohol than before or after prohibition.  

So, if we ban abortions, we’re only asking people to perform them illegally, and I’m sure in an unsafe environment.  So, why not provide the (bad) thing in order to protect people?  Tax the hell out of it since it’s an elective procedure (generally) and provide it fairly for those who seek them.  But not ban them, simply because banning controversial things only makes the situation worse.  

All of that being said, I do not believe that abortion is good, and I believe there should be medical regulations placed on all abortions for the safety of the woman involved.  I don’t like the thought of aborting a human, but I also don’t think that banning the practice is the right way either.  

Because if I follow my “do unto others” rule, I wouldn’t want someone to tell me that if I wanted/needed to have an abortion that I couldn’t have one legally because of their particularly morality.  But, also, I would never tell people to have an abortion as the best answer (probably) because termination certainly doesn’t sound good.  

What I can tell you is that I would certainly want the option if I were to be raped and become pregnant from that, and I do not want to take that choice away from anyone.



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