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Meh. So far, 2009 isn’t my favorite. January 17, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

Let me just say that I’m having some crises…

I’m about to be 26 years OLD…

I have some baby fever BAD.

I’m having issues with the definition of morality.



1. Holly - January 18, 2009

meh for sure.

2. Kait - January 18, 2009

meh :[

3. Lily - January 19, 2009

baby fever, eh?

4. Rhodes - January 19, 2009

Ha, sorry!

5. Alex - January 19, 2009

you are turning 26 years YOUNG! you are just having a quarterlife crisis. we live to be like 100 now, so you are going to be 26 years young. 😀
you will have lots of babies. babies babies babies. and i will totally come take care of them so you and chris can have a baby-free vacation.
as for morality… we atheists/agnostics/non-believers definitely have to work harder at all that. 🙂
miss ya!

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