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Whoo for the new year….note the sarcasm January 5, 2009

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

There have been several events in my life that have changed my worldview.  Mostly, my world has gone from “rose colored glasses” to “I hate everything” and eventually I’ve found the happy (but cynical) medium of “life’s a bitch, but I’m happy I have one”.  

I’m not an emo kid, and this is not an emo blog, so I’m not going to rehash all of my most depressing and life-altering experiences.  Unless someone just wants me to.  

What I am going to say is that just when I think I’ve found that happy place where things don’t get (much) worse, something kicks me in the ass.  I know that what I’m currently dealing with isn’t abnormal.  It’s not something that 50% of the population hasn’t had to deal with at one time or another.  But, how does one deal when the most influential relationship in your life crumbles?  What does a child do when their parents talk of splitting up?  More importantly, how am I supposed to be there for my sister while all of this shit is going on and my parents think that they live on “The Young and Restless” or a bad MTV drama?  What, as a daughter, can I do to support a parent who is obviously having alcohol abuse issues?  

So, that’s where I stand right now, emotionally speaking.  

I’ve been contemplating my “100 books” goal for the year, and since I’ve taught myself how to knit this past week (w00t!) and am getting way better at crochet, my book time has been cut down severely. So, I’m thinking of cutting that goal to 50 books (craft books not included) and set a reasonable goal for finished crochet and knit projects for the year.  I think those are reasonable goals for myself.  

I also had a small run in with “ack, what if I fail?” over the 101 in 1001 project.  But, then I realized, that life changes and so therefore I can change my list with life.  So, if we have a kid, I can make changes.  If we buy a house, I can make changes.  If something super horrible happens, then I can change or modify my list to accommodate those things.  But coming up with 101 things to accomplish over 1001 days is a little daunting for a girl like me.  I love to plan, but I’m not much of a long-term kind of planner.  I’m a long-term kind of dreamer.



1. doniree - January 5, 2009

You email/call your cousin/friends and hash it out. Check yo’ inbox. And hit me back.

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