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Saturday update December 14, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in History, life.
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Saw Twilight again on Thursday with some friends from work (holla’ y’all)!  The book is DEFINITELY better.  But, the movie is still good.  So that makes 3 times, and I think I’m committed to one more time with one more friend, and that’s cool.  

Yesterday was the strangest day at work ever.  Rushes came at random intervals.  Things felt so off.  

The cats are getting along much better.  Yes, I bribed them with little bowls of tuna placed next to each other so they could associate good feelings (TUNA!) with each other.  Sadly, Nettles still makes demon noises.  

I noticed today on the local college prep private school is hiring for history teachers for the new upper school that opens in the fall of next year.  So, I’ve been constructing a new resume and a new cover letter to send off to them in hopes of scoring something awesome.  I don’t want to teach in a public school by any means, but private school I could do.  Dream teaching job.  We’ll see how this pans out.  The good thing is that all they require is a history degree, and actually don’t necessarily want a teaching degree (probably because they don’t want their teachers tainted with the crap they teach in teaching programs).  So, keep the crossables crossed.



1. Holly - December 14, 2008

holla’ whoot-whoot!!

2. Holly - December 14, 2008

p.s. yesterday remained weird until the very end, full moon i tell you.
i woke up with a HUGE tension headache!

i bet you are loving having a sunday off .

dreamstela - December 14, 2008

I am loving have a sunday off, but strangely I feel a little guilty letting all of my sunday regulars down (people we only see on sundays, typically, and i’m starting to get to know them.) I’m starting to understand this whole “optimal scheduling” thing. Strange.

3. Holly - December 14, 2008

listen to you…howard would be so proud!

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