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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry….”Bolt” – a review December 12, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in entertainment.
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Yesterday I took C, the kid I babysit regularly, to see “Bolt” for his birthday (instead of buying him a little toy that will be obsolete in a month).  From the opening sequence, I was captivated.  I expect no less from Disney Pixar, though.  

I know that it is very common for people to be more emotionally affected by the plight of animals rather than people because typically animals are innocent and helpless.  Perhaps even more so for pet owners, who very seriously consider their pets as huge parts of their families (like me!), but the loyalty and the heartache in the movie was too much for this emotionally overloaded girl to bear.  
Toward the end of the movie, twice actually, I found myself tearing up and crying.  At one point I noticed that C was crying, too.  Good to know that I wasn’t the only one.  And it was cool because we were the only 2 in the theater on a Thursday afternoon. Nice!  

So, basically, I thought the plot was great, the characters developed, the story touching, and the self-discovery of Bolt was really identifiable, I think, for all ages.  I highly recommend this movie, to all ages of viewers!  This movie was fully awesome!

And not just because the cat was super cute…



1. E.P. - December 13, 2008

You know, I was really interested in seeing Bolt when it came out and completely forgot about it.

Like you, I consider my dog a HUGE part of my family (my little family of two!), so I’m sure I would be the same as you watching the movie. And now, I really want to go see it.

So you definitely recommend it, huh?

dreamstela - December 14, 2008

I really think, like all Pixar movies, that Bolt is a two-thumbs up movie. And a great message, as well.

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