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Apologist 1 November 26, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

First, the definition of an “apology” isn’t what you’d think.  

My good friends, Merriam and Webster say:

  • from middle english/late latin, apologia
  • a formal justification

Second, SPOILER ALERT (though not a whole lot is given away….), sorry for any surprises!

So, an apologist is one who makes a formal justification for something felt strongly.


One of the main arguments I’ve seen against the entire “Twilight Saga” is that the main character, Bella, is a “victorian simp” who changes her entire life dreams to be with her one true love.  

“Victorian simp” roughly translates to “girl who decides that the love of her life is more important”, and I think that makes people angry.  Mainly, I think it makes people who view feminism as “girl/woman power” and not simply as respect for all women, no matter their life choices, angry.  I would highly doubt that people would categorize myself as “victorian simp” because I’ve made my life-choices based on what was best for me and for my husband.  There are several of those choices, and there’s no reason to get into detail, but I am not a simpleton, nor do I expect for my husband to take care of everything me have no rights even personality.  “Victorian simp” implies that Bella is a back-boneless simpleton.  I disagree.  

Because a woman chooses a “more traditional” role for herself in a relationship, like Bella’s eventual decisions, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s an abusive relationship, or that she’s a poor role model because she’s not the embodiment of “strong woman” that the last 40 years have brought forth.  

My mother stayed at home to raise a family and to take care of her home, but I would never say that she’s not a strong woman.  That was her choice.  It’s just another choice that women have the opportunity to make, and neither is right or wrong.  

So, changing your life goals because of a new development in your life doesn’t make you weak, it makes you adaptable.  It also shows strength of character to know what you want, and that may very well be the love of your life.

Oh, and Edward never asked Bella to change anything for him.  If anything he doesn’t want her to, and encourages her to do the opposite.



1. doniree - November 26, 2008

Hi. “SPOILER ALERT” would’ve been nice at the start of this post. 🙂 Jk…

2. Alex - November 27, 2008

i will just throw in my two cents…. you are right, but there are extremes, as well. from what i have read, it seems edward may be a bit of a narcissist and narcissists (clinical term) are controlling and manipulative good people into giving up everything for them. so, while i totally agree that new developments may lead you down a new, wonderful path, sometimes that path is horrid. and i am sure you know what i am talking about, haha, but still. 🙂 can’t wait to see it when i get home! woot!

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