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A few tidbits November 21, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in life, starbucks.
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Cosmo is doing pretty good.  We’re keeping the two cats separated until Nettles calms down and isn’t such a meanie about having her space invaded.  I’m feeling guilty about keeping Cosmo in a room away from all the action, but I know it’s for the best in the long run.  

“Twilight” (the movie) was pretty great!  Not the best movie ever in the history of all movies, but the book, while I enjoyed it thoroughly, wasn’t the greatest book ever in the history of all books (that doesn’t change the fact that I still think it should be required reading for all women).  So, take a B book, with cheesy dialogue and underdeveloped plot, and make a movie…you’re going to get a B movie….

What I do have to say about it is that the baseball scene kicks some serious serious ass.  LOVED it!  And the scene where Bella meets the fam.  And Billy Burke as Charlie was freaking perfect – the best Charlie ever.  And my homegirl, Alice, well, she’s still my fave!

Anyway, just my thoughts.  

I have to close SBUX tonight.  It’s cold as crap outside, so that means it’s going to busy and I need to bring my A-game.  

Oh, and I’ve been watching season 1 of “Beverly Hills: 90210” since I wasn’t allowed to watch it when I was younger.  I’m addicted.  I just wanted to add a quote from the show.

Scene: Brandon, Kelly and Brenda are in Brandon’s room, talking about a girl he met at lunch.  She left her latin paper behind, and Brandon wanted to give it back, and also ask her out.  

Kelly: Ugh, who would want to date a girl who takes Latin, anyway!

I’m almost offended!



1. Holly - November 21, 2008

90210 quotes? who has hijacked your blog? no seriously that is hilarious…kelly was a mean girl for sure. that was THE SHOW when i was in high school!

2. dreamstela - November 22, 2008

It was super popular while I was in middle school, but it was on the long list of “TV Shows Michelle is not allowed to watch”, with “Smurfs” “Family Matters”, “Roseanne”, “My So-called Life”, “The Simpsons”, and just about every other show on television that people watched regularly!

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