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Today is a good day! November 20, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in life, starbucks.
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So, today has great possibilities. 

This morning, I had to open, but I didn’t have to open as the supervisor!  Dian was our supervisor, and I was a lowly barista, and it was fun!  I love being on bar, I think I’m super great at being on the bar.  Not to toot my own horn or anything.  I was scheduled to leave at 9:15, and guess what?  I left at 9:15 and didn’t even feel guilty!  Yeay!  

On my way home I remembered that today is Twilight Day!  The movie comes out tonight at midnight, and I’m going with a few friends to see it!  I’m SO excited.  The soundtrack is good.  I think they cast the perfect cast, and I can’t wait to see Alice!  w00t!  Alice is my fave. 

My cat is feeling better after her visit to the vet yesterday.  She was so pitiful yesterday and before I went to work this morning.  But, she’s obviously feeling much better.  

In just a little while my friend is going to be bringing her cat over.  We’re adopting Cosmo (what a great name for a kitty!) into our home.  Yeay for a new kitty!  I hope that Cosmo and Nettles become friends quickly.  

So, I’m super excited about today.



1. lily - November 20, 2008

That sounds like a great day! I’m going to read Twilight over Thanksgiving (at least, I’m going to try). I can’t wait to meet Cosmo!

2. Kait - November 20, 2008


I miss Cosmooooooooooooooo…..she’s the bestest cat everrrrr…..

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