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Proud mama November 19, 2008

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I had to take Nettles to the vet today for her yearly comprehensive visit.  They took samples, stuck her with vaccines, examined who knows what.  The poor baby.  I always feel guilty when I have to do that to her.  

The people at the vet office LOVED her.  They said she was so well behaved, that they didn’t have to even hold her down or worry about her safety at all.  She just let them do whatever, and then wanted them to pet her.  

I LOVE my cat.  She makes me proud.  

I’ve been trying to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, but I’ve hit a block in my story.  I can’t come up with a believable and fantastical conflict to make my story worthwhile.  Right now it’s just a girl doing stuff.  I’m at a loss.  And writer’s block is so frustrating!



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