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Purpose else – well, that’s something. November 18, 2008

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Tonight was a difficult night for me at work.  For some reason, I never felt like I got a handle on anything work-wise.  I don’t usually have to force it, but tonight I felt I had to force a successful evening.  I felt really bad for my partners closing with me.  But, because of the kindness of my fellow partners, the close actually ended up a pretty decent close after all.  

I’ve been contemplating a few topics for posts lately.  I’ve got a few things I’d like to put out there, but because of events a few weeks ago, I’m a little afraid to put myself out there.  I’m a little afraid of being attacked again, and having to go through some emotions that I just don’t want to deal with.  I’m afraid of baring myself to those who might not appreciate my feelings.  But, then I think to myself, “Self, why the hell do you have a blog then?”  

So, since I lack any inspiration to write a post on something meaningful, here’s something I wrote back during the summer.


I started this year with a word study in my paper journal.  I knew that I was looking for “something else” out there.  Not a presence, but I’ve spent my whole life searching for something else.  So, I broke down the term, something else. 

Else – from the middle English elles, from the latin alius, other, or alter, other of two.  1.  In a different manner or place at a different time 2. If not: otherwise, like a threat


To search, verb, from the latin circare- to go about, or circum – round about  1.  To look into or over carefully to discover something   2.  To uncover  3.  To make painstaking investigation.


But, once I looked up the word “something” I found my (obvious?) roadblock. 

Something – some indeterminate or unspecified thing.


Of course at the root of my problem lies the root of the key word.  I’m not searching for “something”, I’m searching for

Peace, tranquility, balance, contentedness,   PURPOSE. 


Purpose – from the latin proponere, from the verb ponere (pono ponere ponui positum) to lay, place, set, settle  from the prep “pro” with the ablative – before, infavor of. 


So proponere is to expose, display, to propose to oneself


Purpose – something set up as an object or end to be attained.  

I’ve been searching for my purpose else.



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