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Adopting into the fam November 18, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

So, a friend of mine has a dilemma.  She has become so allergic to her cat that she must give her away!  :o(  It is so sad. 

She’s looking for a nice new home for her kitty, and well, sometimes I think that my Nettles could use a new little friend.  She loved Norma Jean so long ago, and if Brena hadn’t been the most anti-social cat ever (although she was quite sweet), I think that Nettles and Brena would have been better friends, as Nettles is really a sweet kitty.  Do cats want friends?  Would Nettle’s quality of life be better if she had a friend?  

Cosmo is Nettles age, and a very friendly and sweet kitty.  I like Cosmo a lot.

But, what if when I bring a new cat into the house, if Nettles is so bitter that she no longer wants to sit in my lap, or next to me on the couch.  It would make me really sad if my Nettles no longer showed me as much affection as she does.  Would that change?  She’s become such a personable cat – is that because of the absence of other cat?  Or because she’s older now?  

I don’t want to upturn her life and make her sad.  But another cat would be fun.  I’d have a zoo if I could pay for all the animals care.



1. Kait - November 18, 2008


Perhaps a trial run of a week?…

2. Holly - November 19, 2008

i think it mostly depends on the personality of the cats. i think a trial period is a good idea,
if you think you would be ok with the possibility of nettles being upset at first, and also the possibility of a few cat fights.

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