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V2V and SBUX November 14, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks.
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I slept for 12 hours last night – about 8 pm to about 8 am today.  Being sick is not cool.  I still don’t feel great.  I wish that I did, though, as I have to close the SBUX tonight. 

Come by and see me if you’re in the area! 

Starbucks has started this new initiative to be more active in the communities they’re in, and if you read my post a few weeks ago about all of our 15 new initiatives to recycle, use less water, put more man-hours into volunteer work etc, you remember how upset I was that Starbucks hasn’t really put any emphasis on helping partners through this tough-time economically.  

I’m still a little sad there wasn’t one single mention of supporting partners, but I’ll live.  Especially since I live my day to day life trying to do good things for others, even if it’s just making a really excellent latte!  That can make a difference, seriously! 


Well, Starbucks has started participating in V2V.  So far, I think it’s pretty cool.  Each store gets a “virtual store”, where the partners can sign up, talk about stuff, post activities the store is taking part in at the time.  There’s a huge push for partners to start doing more volunteer work, or as we call it, Make Your Mark events.  I’m going to have to start looking at my job as an outlet to do more charity volunteer stuff. Every Christmas our store does toy collections for a local charity, but there’s got to be something more that we can do this year.  

Any ideas for things that our store can do this holiday season?  Food drive?  Toy drive?  Book drive?  

What would you like to see your local SBUX be a part of?



1. Alex - November 15, 2008

i’m sorry you are sick babe. 😦 get better soon, i wish i could come visit you!

as for sbux… there are 6 (!) i see during my week… they have really great book drives going on now. the salon i go to had a thanksgiving basket get together. i think you guys could do something similar! basically, there was a signup sheet and they had a dozen items you could bring on a particular day. turkeys, canned yams, pumpkin pie, potatoes, cooked stuffing, etc. they also had a box you could drop the name and address and story of a fmaily you know about who was in need. the salon chose 36 familes and sent out a mass email to all their clients to sign up. two sbux here have a really great soldier gift drive and the last day to give gifts for that is in two weeks since it takes so long to ship stuff. they have a sign up sheet for people to write soldiers’ names and units in iraq and afghanistan. ok, didn’t mean to go on and on. 🙂

2. Michael - November 16, 2008

Id be into a book drive, but even more so if they didn’t close my local one, which hadnt even been there for a year yet.

3. Anali - November 18, 2008

Hi there! It’s Anali from V2V. Thanks for your thoughtful post about SBUX and V2V. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this action on V2V yet (http://www.v2v.net/actions/howto-build-a-community-servic) but it’s all about how to build a community service project from the ground up! My favorite step is Step 3- Match Passion with Need. It’s great if you have a local toy drive or coat drive, but what if your community has a bigger need for canned food? It takes some research but you can work with local organizations to see what the true needs are of your community and then rally your partners and customers to support the cause! Hope this helps 🙂 See you on V2V!

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