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“Twilight” The Soundtrack November 4, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I preordered the Twilight Soundtrack last week, and when I got home from work tonight it was ready for download from iTunes.  Yeay!  


I just listened to it, and while some of the songs are a little odd-sounding (not like the songs sound weird, they just seem sort of misplaced, perhaps) the soundtrack is really good.  And the odd songs I know are songs that Stephenie Meyer has claimed as inspiration while writing the books, so it makes sense they’re there.  “Tremble for my Beloved” by Collective Soul is definitely a 1990’s song – in the middle of grungy mid 2000’s synth-rock (Muse and MuteMath, anyone) – and it’s a bit startling.  But, if you read on the Stephenie Meyer website, you can find the playlist she listened to while writing, and it’s on that playlist, so, that’s cool. 


Bella’s Lullaby, which has a great role in the movie/books, is really great.  It’s a little off-kilter, not too sappy, with a great melody.  


and I still really love Iron and Wine’s “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.”  And Paramore rocks my socks.  

I dig it.



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