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SBUX in the news October 27, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks.
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This week all of the state’s managers and district managers from SBUX are in New Orleans (jealous!  Man, I love NOLA) for the 2008 Leadership Conference.  

Thanks to Chris, who sends me most of my news, I read this article about the 15 new goals for Starbucks new Shared Planet initiative.

It sounds more like the company that I really like working for.  The only hesitation I have for all of this is that the focus it seems is no longer our “core purpose” – Creating an uplifting experience that enriches people’s daily lives.  And, one of our core values was to be a great work environment.  Well, there’s nothing in our 15 new goals to reach by 2015 that discusses how we’re going to support our partners during these tough economic times.  Nothing about continuing to support partners, and this worries me because I think Howard is losing sight of what SBUX has been.  Yeah, SBUX wasted a lot of money, overextended itself, but through it all, it was pretty clear that one of the companies main goals was to keep the jobs of the baristas pleasant and manageable.  Since last February with our “Espresso Excellence Training” things have progressively become more micromanaged, and our standards fluctuate all over the place.  And then there was the announcement of “extended shifts for baristas” in the NYTimes, masking the fact that SBUX is trying to create a situation where less partners will get insurance benefits and weeding very part-time partners out.  I’m concerned that not a single new initiative support partners.  You can read the whole article here, with the new initiative points.  



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