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Everything I needed to learn about life, I learned from working at Starbucks, part VIIIl October 27, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks.

I learned a few things last night I think.  I learned that I can leave things at the door and just be in the present.  


I also learned that I still, in spite of me thinking otherwise, have a hard time confronting people, even about small things.  I realize that no matter how you word something to some people, they always jump to getting angry and will always assume that you’re personally attacking them.  I am your friend, yes, but when at work, more importantly, I am your supervisor and it’s my job to talk to you about how we can do our jobs better.  It’s not insulting or a personal attack.  It is simply me, as your supervisor, trying to help us all get along better at work.  

So, even after mulling it over and trying to present the information in a very laid-back, sensitive manner, it helped none.  It’s best to just cut to the point and leave it at that, and there are sometimes when being “friendly” isn’t the best approach.



1. Kait - October 30, 2008

I like you very much!

I know it’s hard to maintain professionalism sometimes around peeps like Sarah and I, that being a shift and being a friend simultaneously. If happen to be alluding to my reaction to the stay-late policy for preclosers, it was strictly directed to the policy, not you. Barely scraping by on the money I’m making while working minimal hours, and the I suddenly find out I can’t even work one of my regular shifts now due to Starbucks. I’m severely stressed over the situation, and i just don’t know what to do this spring semester with the new scheduling policy.

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