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Comfort October 20, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in fall.
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Now that the air has quite a chill in it, I’m thinking of cozy and comfortable things, like my new fleece lounge pants from target (I don’t want to ever change out of them!) and my trusty UAH Alumni sweatshirt, and fuzzy fluffy socks…

But I forget that the cat, Nettles, needs comfort, too.  

The other night, the first really cold night so far of the season, I pulled my favorite throw out of storage and almost immediately the cat was on top of it.  This certain throw (complete with Eeyore) is Nettle’s favorite, too.  I had almost forgotten just how much Nettles loved that blanket.  

She lays on it constantly, and kneads it, and purrs.  And purrs.  And Purrs.  

What it is exactly about this blanket, I’m not sure, but she’s obsessive.  It must bring her lots of comfort.



1. Alex - October 24, 2008

aw. that is cute… it is probably so super soft that it feels really good to her, too. 🙂 and it reminds of her of the days it was jsut the two of you! haha.

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