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The product matters October 12, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in life.
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So, on Tuesday I had my hair cut, and it was a drastic change.  

It looked great, and I’ve been fighting to get it to look like that again since Tuesday.  I used hair product (what?) and a flat iron (my very first one!) and spent time on my hair…

Let me tell you how important the product used matters, though.  I was using “Phomollient” from Aveda.  Not my favorite product.  My hair felt like straw, it frizzed out, wouldn’t do what I wanted, and I was VERY frustrated with my hair.  Yesterday I repurchased a product I used to use, and loved, years ago.  

Bed Head’s Small Talk is like a miracle product.  Today my hair is practically perfect!  It’s laying flat, it’s not frizzing, and it stayed where I put it when I flat ironed it.  

Bless you, Small Talk, bless you.



1. lily - October 12, 2008

I LOVE Bed Head’s Manipulator. I chopped my hair off around Labor Day and I keep fighting with mediocre products (Fructis’s Surf Hair stuff, etc.), but have not seen it look as good as my adorable stylist Ana did when I got it cut. So, yes, you are correct. The product matters, and I’ll spend the extra $10 on the good stuff next time. BTW, that’s a SUPER cute haircut! I don’t think I’ve told you that yet… Hey, come visit me.

2. dreamstela - October 12, 2008

I have the Surf Hair stuff, too. Hoping to “shag out” my hair cut. But it looks like crap with the surf hair…interesting.

Must try Manipulator next.

I want to come visit you soon!

3. Alex - October 12, 2008

Also, Redken has a smoother serum in a reddish/brown bottle that will not do the straw thing or be greasy and it works really well. I HATE most heat products becuase of that very thing. My favorite is WIRED. You use a little bit on damp hair before you blowdry and it stays in while you flat iron. It also keeps the texture you create.

4. Holly - October 12, 2008

it’s super cute! what day are you getting the highlights?

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