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Sick satisfaction September 11, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

My title has a double meaning today.  I am sick, but satisfied.  

I am also sickly satisfied in myself.  I am reading A New Republic by John Lucaks for a history class (20th century american history, if you’re interested in the topic), and I’m enjoying the material, if not hating the outline of the book I have to turn in.  I understand why it’s necessary for me to turn in the outline and all, but it seems a bit silly.  Like busy work.  


That’s not why I’m satisfied.  Lucaks has been referencing lots of primary sources, most of which I am very familiar with, if I haven’t read them myself – like Toqueville’s Democracy in America.  I read most of Toqueville’s work a few years ago for my course on the American Revolution. 

So, as we go along in the book, he talks about Bernard Bailyn’s Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, which I also have read.  He references THe Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber, and the one that has surprised me the most so far is referencing Johan Huizinga, a prominent medieval scholar.  I am quite familiar with his work The Waning of the Middle Ages.  

It makes me feel like a scholar myself to see these books as sources for another major work, and know the major arguments within them, and understand fully why they’re a part of this book. It sort of makes me smug. 

Sick with satisfaction in also knowing that I’m probably the only student in the class who has even heard of these works.  I don’t like feeling boastful, but I sincerely miss the actual academic peers that I used to have in my classes at UAH, a place where I felt among intellectual equals, not surrounded by people who barely care about the material because all they want is to coach football anyway.  I miss feeling surrounded by brilliant minds, knowing that I could keep up with those minds.  I find myself in contempt of those I am around now.

That makes me sick and sad, too.



1. Holly - September 11, 2008

sick satisfaction? seriously? our customer pervert guy has probably found your blog by now LOL!!!

hi mr pounder! we miss you!

and as for the actual topic of your blog, you’ve poured your life into gaining this knowledge and you’re brilliant, you should be sickly satisfied!

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