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“Twilight Saga” a review – or “why my heart is now different because of Stephanie Meyer” September 8, 2008

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So, I finally read the entire “Twilight Saga” over the past week.  

I’d been putting it off for a couple of years because it wasn’t “my thing”.  But really, what is my thing?  It’s whatever I want it to be, right?  Who cares what I’m reading.  

So, I picked the first one up, Twilight, and read it over a couple of days here and there.  By the ending I couldn’t put it down, and stayed up way too late one night to finish the book.  I was captivated by the relationship between Bella and Edward created by Stephanie Meyer.  Enraptured.  Consumed.


So I bought the second one, New Moon, and read it in about a day.  I felt Bella’s pain, I felt her joy, her confusion.  I was touched by such a story.  So, like an addict I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and read through those in a day each.  I felt addicted to the love story.  I was quite confused as to why. 


I know now that I wasn’t addicted to the story of Edward and Bella, and the conflicts and obstacles they overcame to be together.  I was addicted to the way they made me feel.  The books opened a floodgate of emotions that I had never really experienced before – enough emotion to make me lose myself in those emotions for several days after finishing the Saga.  After spending the majority of my life in what I consider to be an emotionally stunted existence, my emotions were awakened on a string that I was familiar with.  Yes I have felt loss, and pain, and happiness and joy and love before, all of those things.  But I always felt them as if they were being stifled under a pillow. 


For the first time in perhaps my entire life, emotions were flowing out like they are supposed to – raw, natural, unedited.  

Because of these emotions, I began to evaluate what I feel for Chris.  And also, for the first time in perhaps my entire life, I believe in fate.  When I think of the things that brought Chris and myself together, the weird instances in our lives, the things that had to happen for our paths to cross, I’m starting to feel that my soul and his soul belong together.  Not that I didn’t think we belonged together before, but I’m starting to feel as if it’s destiny now.  That what we have isn’t just something that happens.  


So, this story has moved me.  It moved me to tears on more than one occasion, no small feat for a girl that hasn’t really cried in a long time.  I cry at the stupidest moments. Not ones that matter.  Again with the emotions under a pillow.

But now, I’m not sure what to do with these feelings that apparently are dying to get out of me.  I find myself staring off into space, thinking to myself when I should be paying attention to others, and day dreaming about the nature of love, what it means to love, what is love?  

How far would one go for love?  Is it really love if you wouldn’t die for it?  For him/her?  Is the pull you have toward that person so strong that nothing (not even fear for your life) could keep you apart?  

At the end of the books, I felt internally changed.  I feel like that love that Chris and I share is exceptional.  These books wouldn’t be popular without a magical, exceptional love story, because that’s the way it goes, and if I am so touched by the story in the book, I feel like I have love that is magical, that can be an example and change lives.  That we are so much more together than we ever could be apart.  I know that in a heartbeat I would put my life on the line for Chris, and I know that life without him would leave me as en empty shell, with hardly anything to live for. 
My heart is eternally changed.


1. notesfromthelilypad - September 8, 2008

Beautiful. Amazing.

2. Ashlee - September 8, 2008

I love how you write about Chris, I feel the exact same way about Brian. I really am destined to be with him. I wouldn’t be the best me I could be, if it wasn’t for him. That’s part of why Stephenie & Twilight touched me too, it’s amazing to see the emotions I feel in another couple.

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