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Sarah Palin is not exempt, and she makes me angry September 8, 2008

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This blog has some really great points!  Sarah Palin is not exempt from scrutiny because she has a pregnant teenaged daughter, a Down’s syndrome son, or a uterus that has produced children multiple times.  She is not exempt because she simple wants to be – she could be the 2nd in command of our country!  Her life, her decisions, her family SHOULD be under the same scrutiny as every other candidate that has ever run for office.  I may not agree that family should be brought into the scrutiny, but I think that her pregnant 17 year old daughter is a real testament to how abstinence only sex ed actually works in the real world.  

Her stance on abortion is disgraceful, in my opinion.  I’ve heard many times, and now I think I’m overly sensitive to, that her “pro-life” (god, I hate that term) stance is the only compassionate stance.  I disagree heavily.  Is it not compassionate to take into consideration the life of the poor woman who has met some unfortunate circumstances on no action of her own.  A woman met with rape or incest, who consequentially conceives, should have the option to not carry the fruits of that experience.  I am in no way a proponent of abortion as birth control, but in a modern world, where women are no longer subservient to men, whose roles in society are so much more than furthering the human race, women should have the right to choose what happens in the long run.  

The government should NOT legislate morality in this case, especially based on a religious belief such as this.  Yes, it’s legislating morality to punish those who steal or kill, but the argument is also that it infringes on civil rights.  The government telling women what they can and can’t do with their uterus is not a civil rights issue, at least, they’re not advertising it as such.  They advertise it as God’s will.  NOt civil rights.  Ugh.


Sarah Palin makes me angry



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