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How to get blog hits September 8, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I have learned the best possible way to get blog hits! The best possible way to get people to get to your blog from a search engine is to reference a few things.  When my title was “otium cum dignitate” I got lots of hits from people searching for “cum” “biggest cum ever” “girl with cum”. 


Not exactly the traffic I wanted.  So I changed my title.  Should have just kept it, hah! 


SO, I posted a week or so ago about the cheerleaders with skimpy uniforms being told not to wear them at at school. 


And that day I got more hits than ever before!  The top searches were “cheerleaders in skimpy skirts” “cheerleaders skimpy clothes” etc.  44 hits that day, twice as many as my other top day!  


So, if you want traffic to your blog, there you go!



1. notesfromthelilypad - September 8, 2008

Sex sells? Pretty much. Hrm… maybe I should quit being a prude and start cataloging my ‘capades as I truly dream… But do I have an inner Diablo Cody? I can’t quite tell…

2. TopIdol - March 30, 2009

Or you could title a post “How To Get Blog Hits” 🙂

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