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Cheerleaders wear skimpy uniforms August 25, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

It’s true and you know it – cheerleaders for decades have gotten away with wearing clothing that are obviously considered “too revealing” for school dress codes. I was threatened detention in high school for wearing a shirt that rose above my pants exposing my waist a smidge.  On game day.  On a day when all of the cheerleaders in school were parading around with midriff baring tops, and skirts that conspicuously exposed their bloomers (read : asses).  I was really angry.  It was a t-shirt.  I was wearing jeans, and I reached for something, exposing my waist a tiny tiny tiny bit.  I was covered in accordance with school dress code, and yet …


So, today The Hub sends me this article entitled Cheerleader Uniforms Violate Dresscode.   Finally, it looks as if school superintendents are beginning to realize that cheerleaders are not exempt from school rules because of their uniforms.  Wrestlers aren’t walking around in their uniforms.  The swim team doesn’t walk around in their uniforms.  What makes cheerleaders special, I’m not sure.  But for years they have been.


I just hope this is a good example for schools all over, that they treat all students equally  regardless of their hobbies.



1. Ashlee - September 6, 2008

So glad you did too!!! It’s crazy what emotions Stephenie Meyer is able to evoke!

I agree with you on the cheerleaders, and at my high school, all athletes in general were always ‘above school policy’

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