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The last few days. August 9, 2008

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Wednesday was quite a fun day.  I met a friend of mine for breakfast, and we went to a tattoo parlor to check out some tattoo info.  She found exactly what she wanted, which is great!  I know what I want, a frog on my toe/foot, but I know that once I get one I probably won’t be satisfied with just the one tattoo.  I’ll want something else, equally meaningful, possibly more beautiful.  

The husband and I went that evening to eat with his family.  Had some decent mexican food, had some ice cream and enjoyed the company.  

Thursday I didn’t have to work at SBUX, but I did have to babysit!  It was his second day of school, and so far he really liked his teacher and his classmates. I hope that keeps up.  It’s been so great to see that kid come out of his shell through kindergarten, I can’t wait to see how much more he grows in the first grade!  

After babysitting, I met many coworkers at Panera for a good little dinner together.  It was nice to see everyone outside of work for a change!  We really had a great time, and then went to Starbucks afterward and hung out for another hour or so together.  I work with a lot of really funny people, and there was lots of laughing and making fun of patrons and each other.  I’m so glad that even outside of work we can all have a good time.  We tried not to talk about work, but we’re all so different that our only common denominator is SBUX really, so that’s how we relate to each other, especially when most of us go home to others who don’t really relate to our work drama.  

When I came home Thursday night, Chris told me that a young cat had been trying to adopt him.  I told him to let it!  I’ve been wanting another cat for awhile, and then this cat just showed up at our building and we’re not sure if it belongs to anyone.  I fed the cat because I thought he needed fed, but Chris said that we probably can’t take in another one right now.  😦  Sad.  

I watched Southpark, and then Chris and I decided to go spend some time together before he left for the weekend with boyscouts.  Well, then, we broke the bed.  Yeah.  It’s not as cool as it sounds as we had to sleep on separate couches last night.  Boo!  I’m calling Ikea tomorrow to see if we can’t get some replacement parts for the bedframe, but if we can’t,  I guess we’ll have to get a new bed.  

Today was a nice and lazy day, until about 3 when I had to go into work.  The first few hours of work was not my favorite, for sure.  Let me tell you, a bunch of stressed out women trying to keep things perfect while some uber-health department type company comes in to audit our store.  It was super-stressful, but when it was finally over, we got a great score, and it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off everyone’s shoulders.  

It was slow tonight, which is such a blessing, and we did a good job I think.  Now I’m home alone, watching Southpark, wishing I could totally take that kitten in and love it!



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