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Domestic Much? August 5, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks, The Dwelling.
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So, today I woke up with El Esposo, even though I didn’t have to.  Many mornings I’m in bed when he leaves, and I thought that I should start making breakfast for us.  I hear all the time that eating breakfast helps you for the rest of your day, but I never was much of a breakfast person.  But, since we’re trying this “healthy” thing, I thought I might do something different. 

I made eggs with some cheddar cheese, whole grain wheat toast, and had some grapes out.  I enjoyed spending that time with him before he left for his day, and it made me get up and do something instead of vegging out all morning before I go into SBUX.  I made myself a little espresso with my awesome new Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker.  And, I even washed all the dishes before he left for work.  


Then I cycled some laundry, cleaned off the dining room table, all before he left.  

I went to register for classes this morning, bought a new work shirt for $10, and now I’m home, doing more laundry and deciding what to do next.  


I never thought I would enjoy getting up early and doing that, but this morning has really made my day great.  Unfortunately, I get to spend the rest of my day working for the man SBUX, and with this new $2 drink deal, I can imagine that my afternoon is going to be hell on wheels.  


Just remember, patrons of Starbucks, be kind to your barista.  He or she holds in his or her hand the power to withhold legal addictive stimulants.



1. Holly - August 6, 2008

i wrote a blog once called “morning glory” that had to do with this same subject.
there is something so wonderful about getting up and being productive. i vegged all summer and i swear i’ve had no energy. so i’m kinda happy school is starting again…tomorrow is a new day! hooray!

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