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Why i have an iPhone July 31, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in starbucks, The Dwelling.

So after my increasing frustration with verizon last week I was ready to throw my phone off of a really high cliff into a very swift moving river. I got so frustrated that I had almost resigned myself to thinking that I was just never meant to take calls in my humble apartment.
So, imagine my horror Tuesday night when I tried to make a call while at work and the recorded operator tells me that I can make a collect call or talk to an operator.
I called el esposo from the store and he says he doesn’t know what’s up and that he’ll look at it when I get in from work. I just went about my business at work and forgot about the stupid phone because it had already caused me tons of agony.
During the short drive home from work I started to get really angry about the phone issue after all. Why would I want to make a collect call from a cell phone? What kind of question is that?
On arrival at the dwelling I was Mad as a hornet. I was cursing and I was probably yelling a lot. El Esposo decided that he would look at after he did a few things. A few minutes later I hear a phone ringing and it’s not mine. I tell at him to pick up his phone. He tells me it’s not his phone, so I’m all irritated now. He tells me to make a call with my phone and I try to but it says my phone cannot be authenticated! So a phone rings again and I’m yelling at him because if it’s not my phone and not his phone then who the hells phone is it? I look next to me on the table by the couch and there ringing is a new iPhone just for me!

Isn’t he a sweetie? While I was at work he had gone and bought us iPhones and cancelled our old phones! Yeay!



1. lilypadiddle - August 7, 2008

And you wrote all that on your iPhone!

2. dreamstela - August 7, 2008

I sure did!

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