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The ATL July 12, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Travel.
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If I could travel all the time, I think I would.

Chris and I just returned from a great trip to the ATL! We took my sister and her friend to see Tom Petty in concert, and then spent two nights with my uncle and his partner in their extremely cool downtown ATL condo.

Unfortunately the concert was rainy and soggy and at times a little cold, but overall the show was excellent. My sister had a great time, and that was the point. This trip was her birthday present, so she’s what mattered!
After the concert, we crashed at the condo, and slept kinda late on Thursday. We visited the World of Coca-Cola, and I have to admit, that was pretty neat. It was a bit cheesy, but cool. I really enjoyed tasting all the different soft drinks from around the world. Taiwan has an Apple Kiwi Fanta that is excellent! It needs to be here. Yum!

Then we met up with the Uncle Larry and Adrian for dinner at a great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Six Feet Under. It was across from the Oxford Cemetery in old Atlanta, and it looked like a total dive! What a great place, though. I had some fish stew, and it was fabulous! Then we took a trip to Little Five Points, and did some vintage clothes browsing, junk store shopping, and searching for that one cool record at a used music store. It rained there, too, but we managed! After a quick trip to Trader Joes, we went back to the condo, cooked some snacks and talked for hours. Wonderful evening with some wonderful people that I just don’t get to see enough.

Today we went to eat at another little hole-in-the-wall type place, The Flying Biscuit. It was somewhere I’ve wanted to go forever, and it was really a fantastic brunchey breakfast! Yum!

Then we spent too much time in Ikea, and some time at fancy pants mall in Atlanta. Now we’re home, and I already am dreading the “back to the grind” that comes with the return of a trip.



1. Holly - July 13, 2008

whole time i was reading this i was wondering if you went to ikea…

sounds like so much fun.

i love tom petty.

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