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Listings March 1, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I tend to make lists in order to keep my life in order. I keep lists of
*what I need to do each day,
*what I need to get done with school for the time being
*things at work to keep myself on track.

It gives me something to check off – something to check myself against, something to look at and say “OK, it’s done”.

So, Chris and I are in Birmingham for the night. He’s doing a boyscout event, I’ve been holed up in a Hotel room doing homework (lesson plans and units, anyone?). Then I realize that I forgot my hairbrush.

This has been a long time coming – me forgetting something drastic.

Chris has made fun of me for years for my lists. I have always made lists, even when packing for one night, because it is my coping mechanism. So, since we were just leaving the for the night and then to spend the day in Birmingham to do some shopping and bumming around out of Huntsville, I just thought that maybe I would use a list this time.

So, since Chris isn’t back from his boyscout function, I’m making him stop to find me a hairbrush for tomorrow.

That’ll teach me!



1. Holly - March 2, 2008

if i use a hairbrush it makes my hair frizz into a static afro.

just a random fact.

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