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Last week on Oprah February 19, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

Oprah featured some very wise ladies on her show last, each of whom had written a book on finding the purpose and meaning in your own life. She also featured some “real life” women who had taken some of those practices described in the books to heart and implemented them in their own lives.

One of those practices is a “vision board” – a board where women placed quotes, pictures, notes of whatever it was that made them happy in life, their goals, dreams, and wishes…

A few years ago I think I would have scoffed at such an idea, but for some reason it strikes a chord with me now. I think I’m going to make a vision board and put it in my office by my desk. I’m going to place some things on the board (a pretty board, not some ugly old walmart special bulletin board that’s falling apart. My immediate goal is going to creating a nice and soothing space out of my desk instead of a pit of despair (or clutter). I’m going to find a neat picture in a magazine and put it on my vision board as my first vision.

My next vision, right after I place a picture of a work space is going to be a job at Randolph school. It has always been my dream to be either a teacher at a private school or a teacher in a school that really could use someone with drive and passion. I know that’s two crazy ends of the spectrum, but that’s what I want as a teacher.

I don’t have a teaching certification yet, but the job description posted on the Randolph website only says bachelors degree with experience in teaching a plus. I’m hoping that with a bachelors, being currently enrolled in a teacher ed program, and all of the other credentials that I have will make me at least a decent candidate for the job. It’s something I want so very badly.

So, cheesy vision board, here I come.



1. Holly - February 20, 2008

awww…yay for cheesy vision boards. I used to do stuff like that in my youth. I’m becoming less eccentric with age, isn’t it supposed to be the opposite?

2. Dream Stela - February 21, 2008

I’ve never done anything quite like that before…

and yes, I do believe it’s supposed to be the opposite…

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