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Super Tuesday February 6, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I am watching Brian Williams cover the results of thie Super Tuesday Presidential Primary.

I am watching as Huckabee surprises everyone as he surpasses Romney in the republican primaries.

I am watching astounded.

My arguements might sound as if I’m against religion, and I’m not. Just bare with me.

Mike Huckabee has catch phrases like “preserving the sanctity of life”. He believes that there should be no abortion because apparently the bible tells me so. He believes that because the bible, a religious text, says that the United States should uphold laws based on this religious text. I’m pretty sure that the constitution is decidedly for the separation of church and state.

He is campaigning on a platform to do away with the IRS because the constitution doesn’t have a place explicitly for the IRS, that taxation should be a responsibility of the states – constitutionally speaking.

Wait a minute… I guess it’s ok to tell women what they can do with their bodies since it’s in the bible even though it’s not in the constitution to combine the two.

Huckabee picks and chooses what he which parts of the constitution he likes and which parts he doesn’t to fullfill whatever he feels like at the moment. I respect religious conviction, but I’m afraid that if we mix his religious conviction with our not religious government, we could find some horrible situations.

Here is my message –

As young people, we have more at stake in this election than the older people – our futures are a little longer than theirs. While at the polls today, I only saw old people. LIke, senior citizen people, and those people were all voting republican. I bet they all went out and voted because in their church bullitens their preachers were promoting men like Mike Huckabee for president because if we don’t vote him in, our country is obviously going to hell. Scare tactics.

If you care at all – even just a little bit, it’s so important to vote and have your voice be heard. There are staggering statistics on how many young people do not vote. It’s disheartening.



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