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Tabula nothing! January 29, 2008

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I have fought within myself for years to believe that people are inherently good inside – and that all people should be given completely clean slates at first (not skeptical slates). ˆTabula rasaˆI say.

My instinct says that I should trust no one (Moulder, anyone?), my heart says everyone is good.

But, I was confronted with that tonight at work. At 10:10, when I’m kicking people out and locking doors to get the heck out of dodge, this middle aged woman comes in and starts loitering. I politely tell her that it’s time for us to lock our doors (at this point we’re already taking machines apart and pouring things out) and that I need her to leave. She starts giving me some sob story and says that she just needs something to drink. So, after a little hot chocolate, we make her a hot chocolate.

While she’s paying for said hot chocolate, she starts asking my girl behind the register, S, what year it is! Poor S! She handled it really well. But then she freaked out. So, the crazy lady starts loitering some more, and sits down in a chair. I tell her again that it’s time for her to leave that we need to lock our doors she stays in the chair and starts asking me for a cigarette, and then she sort of insinuated that she would like some weed, as well. WTF?!?

So, she gets up and asks me for a cup of water because she’s been in the hospital and she woke up with nothing on her and she doesn’t know where she is. So I make her a cup of water, and she then sits down at another table! At this point E is calling the cops, and I’m like directing this chick to the door. But, before she starts asking for cigarettes and stuff, E asks me if she wants me to call the cops. I was hesitant because I wanted to trust the chick. But it was obvious something was iffy about her.

It makes me think that if E wasn’t so quick to cut out the bullshit, what would have happened? Would I have waited until it got really freaky before I did something? I have no idea. But, it makes me not want to trust anyone. Ever. Tabula



1. Holly - January 30, 2008

today’s oprah was about “the gift of fear” the guy was saying that women need to learn that it’s ok to not be nice to someone who is freaks them out. He said that being nice (to freaky people) can get you killed.
So I think most people can be trusted because they are good…but when you get that little thought that “this person isn’t right” shut it down…no more mrs. nice guy 🙂

great blog.

2. MeanGirlErica - April 6, 2008

E trusts no one. I mean I now live in the big city and trust is dangerous.

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