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Off days are nice. October 18, 2007

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

I cleaned this morning, got rid of lots of things I was hanging on to for no reason at all, ran some errands. I found a new magazine that I dig at b&n – it’s called “Bust”. It might be a nice replacement for Jane. But I will always miss Jane. How sad for Jane.

I picked up my tips, visited for a little while at work, and came home for a few minutes and then out to visit with a friend. We had a great catch-up session about how life had been for us in the last few months, and it felt good to hang out with her again. I have missed her so much! I hate that I get so wrapped up in myself that I forget to call or email or talk to some of my friends. I don’t feel self-important while I’m sitting by myself and enjoying it, but when I think about all the people I haven’t called in awhile, I feel selfish. I mean, it is my time, but I should share!

The last two days have been challenging for me, but I needed some girl time, and I feel much better.



1. Holly - October 19, 2007

you said you had a few bad days and I didn’t even ask you if your ok…i was too busy telling you about my own drama, we couldn’t have really talked at work anyway but still as a life coach…you know.

2. Holly - October 19, 2007

i meant to say if *you’re* ok…

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