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how would you feel if you had to give your baby up to Hades? October 13, 2007

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

So many people feel depressed when the weather changes from summer to autumn.

Autuem is strange like that. The colors are bolder at the end – it’s like the plants *know* that this is all they have left in them, so they push it all out in one last show. At the end of that beautiful bright greeness, when things begin to fade, leaves change, grass starts to crunch more with each step, it feels as if the whole world is sad. It’s even more sad because it knows that at the end of the sadness, there is nothingness.

Sometimes, it is no wonder to me the way Greeks, Romans (and others, of course) explained away the seasons. Demeter was inconsolable – her daughter swallowed up by Hades. That last bright greeness of the plants is exactly what Demeter felt as she saw the end of her time with her daughter draw near each year. Every autumn, you can hear the last sigh as Demeter realizes her baby has been given to the God of the Underworld.



1. Holly - October 14, 2007

like changing leaves fall
and flutter away looking quite sure of where they are going
though I’m found in bareness
this love so pure never could come
if it wasn’t for the losing.”


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3. doniree - October 16, 2009


4. Allie - October 16, 2009

It is a really strange time of year, isn’t it. And I’m so sorry you can identify with Demeter.

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