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When I look up, I just trip over things October 2, 2007

Posted by Michelle, with dignity in Uncategorized.

“cuz when i look around
i think this, this is good enough
and i try to laugh
at whatever life brings
cuz when i look down
i just miss all the good stuff
when i look up
i just trip over things”
– a portion of the Ani DiFranco Song, “As Is”.

I think this sums me up right now.

On the cusp of moving past a stage in life into something more “grown up”, I feel like desperately holding on to old things. I am fighting Chris’ desire to get rid of all the things in this house that I don’t need anymore.
I think the mascot for this time in my life are my old as hell Doc Marten’s boots. They are a symbol of what I was, of what I spent my time doing, of my livelihood for so many years. Numerous restaurant floors have seen those shoes. Concerts have seen those shoes. They are close to 6 years old now, and the tread is almost completely gone.
But, here’s the kicker.

They are no longer comfortable. I have successfully worn the comfort out of a pair of Doc Marten’s. I have tried Dr. Scholl’s inserts galore, and my feet are pained. Seriously pained.

I am holding on to a pair of shoes that give me nothing but pain, simply because they’re old? I don’t understand myself sometimes.

Tonight, I am going to buy a new pair of work shoes and throw the old ones out. I can only hope that I can start to look up without tripping over anything.



1. Holly - October 3, 2007

I love it…

it reminds me of something I wrote once about cleaning out my closet maybe I’ll post it. You write soo well.


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